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Longarm Machine Quilting Service

Quilting Services

  • Overall—Medium to large meander, less dense pantographs, and simple free motion.
  • Border to Border—two separate patterns with the first pattern being in the center of the quilt and the second in the outer border.
  • Basic Custom—may include denser pantographs, individual block design, sashing, simple echoing, more complex free motion, and one design border.
  • Detail Custom—may include cross hatching, stippling, feathers, Stitch In Ditch, small background fills, custom block and border motifs.
  • Binding:  You provide 2 1/2” continuous strip for binding.  Half binding - machine stitch to top only.  Full binding - machine stitch to top and back. We also offer making the binding from customer’s fabric, double fold and cut on straight of grain.

Quilt Pricing

(Prices are per square inch)
  • Minimum charge              $45.00
  • Rush charge            20% of total
  • Overall                                  .025
  • Border to Border                 .0275
  • Basic Custom              .035 - .045
  • Detail Custom              .045 - .065
  • Additional Borders            $15.00
   (each border, includes all 4 sides)

  • Half binding     .10 per linear inch
  • Full binding     .175 per linear inch
  • Make binding (double fold)        $10.00
  • Thread - standard      $2.50 per bobbin
Specialty threads such as variegated,  metallic, etc. are available on request and at an additional charge.

Miscellaneous Prep Charges
  • Seam backing     $10.00 p/seam
  • Iron backing, press top, trim threads, square up backing - $20 per hour - 1 hour minimum.
Backing fabric & Batting available

Preparing Your Quilt

  • Quilt top and backing should be pressed but not basted.
  • Trim your threads.  Dark threads will show through after quilting.   
  • Ensure all seams are fully sewn.
  • Backing and batting must be a minimum of 6” longer and wider than quilt top.  Make sure backing is square.
  • Mark the top (head) of quilt top & backing with safety pins.
  • Three dimensional embellishments such as buttons, beads, etc. will interfere with longarm quilting and should be applied after quilting is completed.
  • Make sure your quilt top lies flat.  Please check for wavy borders and correct problems at home.  To avoid wavy borders, measure through the middle of the quilt to get your border length & width, then cut borders to that measurement.